The Emergence Method ™, a blend of conventional and contemplative wisdom, is a multidisciplinary approach comprised of three interconnected phases that guide individuals, groups, and organizations through a journey of self-awareness and understanding, co-creation of a new future, and the practice of new behaviors and beliefs that allow the new future to emerge. The method is consciously crafted to help solve the needs of your business while also supporting the growth and development of your people.

Grounded in Science and Guided by Love, The Emergence Method ™ creates the conditions for people and organizations to flourish.

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“One who looks outside dreams. One who looks within awakens.” Carl Jung

Change begins within. To change or improve, we must bring awareness and understanding to the thoughts, behaviors, and motivations that drive our current reality. This phase is a blend of gathering meaningful qualitative and quantitative information through culture climate surveys, stakeholder interviews, coaching, and ongoing observation and reflection. In this phase, we gain as much insight into your current internal and external environment.

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“Design isn’t finished until someone starts using it.” Brenda Laurel

In this phase, we co-design a plan to help move you toward your desired reality and environment. This is when the separate parts form into a wider whole. Informed with data and insights from the Inquire phase, we co-design a plan to form the new pattern of your desired future while also unlearning patterns that are no longer useful. The strategy will both respond to the underlying factors contributing to your current environment and tell a story about the future that is possible based on the stated intentions.

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Integrating new insights and patterns allows a new future to emerge, ultimately shifting an entire system.

Integration brings the design to life and is the path to change. Through practice, integration, and embodiment, new patterns of change begin to take shape. Positive thoughts start to form, and behaviors begin to shift. During this transformative phase, we walk alongside you as an extension of your team, helping to shape the new future with you.

The Emergence Method™ Philosophy in Action

Inquiry, integration, and embodiment are essential to inner transformation. Our approach liberates the human spirit through self-discovery.